How Does the Zero3™ Treatment Work? Simple!*

The Zero3™ treatment takes advantage of the fact that tooth buds that form wisdom teeth start growing much later than any other tooth bud. Once regulatory approval is obtained, stopping tooth bud growth would make it possible to block wisdom teeth from ever forming in children generally 6 to 12 years old.*

Zero3 is a 60-90 second treatment that works by gently warming the wisdom tooth bud from the center outwards in a controlled fashion. As demonstrated in multiple animal studies, Zero3 TBA (3rd molar Tooth Bud Ablation) predictably blocks 100% molar agenesis 100% of the time with no detectable adverse side effects directly attributable to the thermal ablation process. As a result, the widespread risk, disease and pain following wisdom tooth formation would be eliminated. There are 3 simple steps planned in the Zero3 treatment process.*

Step 1 Routine Screening*

It is routine to screen for wisdom teeth formation starting around age 14 to determine if they will need to be surgically extracted or not. With the Zero3 treatment option, children would be screened earlier on a regular basis starting around age 6. This would be part of a child’s normal dental exam or when they are having their teeth cleaned.*

 step 1 is routine monitoring and screening
 step 2 - discuss treatment

Step 2 Discuss Treatment Options*

It is planned that when wisdom tooth buds are identified, the dentist will discuss the pros and cons of blocking their formation instead of allowing wisdom teeth to grow and be extracted later. If the decision is made to block wisdom tooth formation, the dentist would obtain a 3D cone beam CT scan and a dental impression. This would take just 10-15 minutes and would be done at the same time children are having their teeth cleaned or as part of a routine exam. A short appointment would be made several weeks later for the quick Zero3™ treatment.*

Step 3 Block Wisdom Teeth*

Zero3 treatment is surprisingly simple! It is planned that a local anesthetic agent will be given to numb the patient. Based on animal studies, the following steps take just 60 – 90 seconds:

  • A custom Zero3™ guide is placed onto the patient’s teeth;
  • The Zero3 probe is inserted into the guide;
  • A 20 – 40 second treatment cycle is activated;
  • The tooth bud is gently warmed from the center outwards in a controlled fashion.

In just 60 – 90 seconds, the Zero3 treatment can provide a lifetime of better oral health.*

 step 3 block teeth

The Zero3™ Treatment:

the 3TBA procedure is safe

Designed For Safety*

the 3TBA procedure is effective

Designed For Efficacy*

the 3TBA procedure is simple

Designed For Simplicity*

Pro Forma Website

This is a pro forma website based solely upon animal study data. TriAgenics’ Zero3™ 3TBA procedure is not approved for human use.