What We Do

We Are Working To Deliver The Safest, Most Effective And Simplest Means of Treating Wisdom Teeth.

mom reading to daughter
our mission is to give parents a safe and effective method for treating wisdom teeth

Our Mission

Give Parents And Dental Professionals a Safe, Effective and Simple Way to Prevent the Disease, Damage and Lifelong Hazards Wisdom Teeth Normally Cause.

Our Clinical Vision

Make 3TBA (3rd molar Tooth Bud Ablation) the New Standard of Care by 2030 for Eliminating the Widespread Risk, Disease and Pain Following Wisdom Tooth Formation.

our mission is to make 3TBA the standard for method for treating wisdom teeth
our strategy is to consistently deliver greater than 99% wisdom teeth agenesis with zero long term side effects.

Our Key Strategy

Consistently Deliver a Greater Than 99% Rate of Blocking Wisdom Tooth Formation with Zero Long-term Side Effects.

Pro Forma Website

This is a pro forma website based solely upon animal study data. TriAgenics’ Zero3™ 3TBA procedure is not approved for human use.