Zero3™ TBA Is High Precision Medicine*

TriAgenics Zero3 technology has been engineered to control all aspects of the 3TBA (3rd molar Tooth Bud Ablation) process to make the procedure safe, effective and simple. Zero3 treatment takes advantage of the fact that tooth buds that form wisdom teeth start growing much later than any other tooth bud. Once final FDA approval has been granted, a Zero3 patient-specific surgical kit will be delivered to the practitioner to perform the 60-90 second 3TBA treatment. Each Zero3 surgical kit will contain the disposable components necessary for the dentist to control all aspects of the 3TBA procedure that will deliver the prescribed clinical outcomes each time. As demonstrated in multiple animal studies, Zero3 TBA predictably blocks 100% molar agenesis 100% of the time with no detectable adverse side effects directly attributable to the thermal ablation process.

Pro Forma Website

This is a pro forma website based solely upon animal study data. TriAgenics’ Zero3™ 3TBA procedure is not approved for human use.